Detailing & Cleaning Services in Goderich

As a car owner, you understand how important it is to take care of your vehicle. So, when it gets messy or needs a good detailing, drive over to Goderich Honda and use our Honda deep car cleaning services. Our team will give your car, truck, van or SUV the attention it needs. Then you can enjoy the shine and smell of a like-new vehicle again!

Whether your vehicle has dirt, spills, stubborn odours or any other sticky situation - you can wash your hands of it and leave it with us. We'll provide you with great cleaning services with every detailing appointment. Choose from a variety of detailing packages that fit your needs and budget.

Bronze Package

Bronze Spa Package | 1.5 hours | includes:
  • Full handwashing & drying of the vehicle exterior
  • Interior vacuuming of seats, carpets & floor mats and cleaning of glass and instrument panel
  • Deodorizing of the interior compartment
  • Vehicle exterior/interior inspection and report
Silver Package

Silver Spa Package |  2.5 hours | includes:
  • All Bronze Spa services PLUS
  • Spot shampoo fabric seats, carpets & floor mat stains
  • Wipe down leather (if applicable)
  • Power washing & chemical cleaning of wheels, inner fender, and undercarriage
  • Vacuum of trunk
  • Paint restoration process to help restore factory paint finish luster Includes machine polishing
  • Treatment of interior and exterior rubber and vinyl trim
  • Lubrication of locks and hinges

gold Spa Package | 4.0 hours | includes:
  • All Bronze AND Silver Spa items, PLUS
  • Two-step paint restoration process
  • Includes environmental residue removal
  • Complete interior shampoo of fabric seats, carpets & floor mats
  • Spot shampoo headliner & sun visors
  • Application of fabric protectant or leather conditioner on interior or leather surface
  • Hand wax application on exterior paint