Premium Detail Packages

Premium Detail Packages

If your vehicle is messy and needs cleaning or detailing services, come use our Honda detailing services in Goderich. Our team will give your car, truck, van, SUV or even farm and other service vehicles the loving care and attention to detail you want it to have. We'll give it the shine and smell it hasn't had since it was brand new!

Whether it has dirt, spills, baby messes, stubborn odors, carsickness, or any other type of issue, let our professional team take care of it! We'll give you the satisfaction of enjoying a fresh and clean vehicle without all the sore backs, tired arms, and achy fingers that come with doing all the work yourself.

We have multiple levels of detailing packages so you can pick the exact services and level of cleanliness that you want for your budget. Contact us today!

Bronze Spa Package

Bronze Spa Package detailing takes 1.5 hours, includes:

  • Brush washing & drying of the vehicle exterior
  • Interior vacuuming of seats, carpets & floor mats
  • Deodorizing of the interior compartment


  • $39.95 per Car
  • $49.95 BRONZE per Van/SUV/Truck
  • $59.95 per Farm or Other Service Vehicle

Silver Spa Package

Silver Spa Package detailing takes 2.5 hours, includes:

  • All Bronze Spa items
  • Cleaning of dash, glass, instrument panel & door sills
  • Spot shampoo fabric seats, carpets & floor mat stains
  • Wipe down leather (if applicable)
  • Power washing & chemical cleaning of wheels


  • $89.95 per Car
  • $99.95 SILVER per Van/SUV/Truck
  • $109.95 per Farm or Other Service Vehicle

Elite Spa Package

Elite Spa Package detailing takes 4.0 hours, includes:

  • All Bronze AND Silver Spa items
  • Vacuuming of trunk & shampooing of floor mat
  • Complete interior shampoo of fabric seats, carpets & floor mats
  • Spot shampoo head liner & sun visors
  • Wipe down leather (if applicable)
  • Hand wax application on exterior paint


  • $189.95 per Car
  • $199.95 per Van/SUV/Truck
  • $209.95 per Farm or Other Service Vehicle

Headlight Restoration

Pricing: $59.95 per vehicle (all types).


*Vehicles are subject to review. Additional charges may be required for pet hair removal, mud etc. Trunk is an additional charge in the Bronze & Silver Spa Packages. All prices + hst. Packages & Pricing updated as of April 2017



  • Bronze Package Prices From:$39.95+ Tax
  • Silver Package Prices From:$89.95+ Tax
  • Elite Package Prices From:$189.95+ Tax

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