Driving Safely with Honda SENSING

Driving Safe with Honda SENSING

Vehicle safety means more than passenger safety, so Honda is challenging the idea of what safety means in your vehicle. Safety should be a combination of technical innovation and vehicle design. Safety technology should be especially smart and responsive. With these factors in mind, Honda has developed the global concept of “Safety for Everyone.” The focus of this concept is to keep everyone safe on the road – drivers, passengers, cyclists, motorists and pedestrians.

After analyzing vehicle collision data, Honda has found that many accidents are caused by cars veering from their lanes. The response to this issue is Honda SENSING: smart, proactive safety technology to avoid vehicle collisions of all types.

Available in all late model types, Honda SENSING keeps you safe several different ways while still making the Honda driving experience fun.

Here are some ways that Honda SENSING helps you:

Lane Keep Assistance

Honda’s Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) system is designed to keep your vehicle from unintentionally veering into other lanes while driving. RDM is activated once your vehicle is driving at 60 km/h or faster and offers you different types of assistance based on your surroundings. Lane boundaries are detected by the monocular camera, located at the front of the vehicle. The camera will also detect if lane departure is beginning without signaling. If your vehicle strays from the lane, visual signals and steering wheel vibrations will warn you. If veering persists, corrective steering, automatic braking, or both, will occur.

Driving Safe with Honda SENSING

Forward Vehicle Collision Detection

Honda SENSING also includes a Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS). This safety feature detects and helps to prevent forward collisions with other vehicles and pedestrians. CMBS is activated when the monocular front camera and millimeter-wave radar detects a risk of collision ahead. Visual and audio signals alert the driver to brake to avoid collision. If the vehicle detects that a forward collision is unavoidable, it will automatically apply the brakes. CMBS will also act the same if the vehicle detects that a collision is unavoidable from veering into another lane.

Driving Safe with Honda SENSING

Blind Spot Information System

To further increase visibility and awareness of other drivers around you, Honda’s Blind Spot Information System alerts you of drivers in your blind spot before a lane change. Indicators on vehicle side mirrors illuminate when a vehicle is passing in your blind spot. Your vehicle will detect other vehicles approaching your blind spots by radars mounted on your rear bumper.

Pedestrian Collision Mitigation Steering

This integrated system is designed to detect not only crossing pedestrians, but also boundary lines and crosswalks to avoid pedestrian collisions. Audio and visual warnings will alert you, as well as automatic steering to help avoid collision, if pedestrian crossing is detected. The millimeter-wave radar and monocular camera are used to detect pedestrians ahead.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) assists with maintaining distance between you and the vehicle ahead. This feature is especially helpful while driving in heavy traffic conditions and will adjust driving speed accordingly. ACC can function from vehicle standstill to high-speed driving. The vehicle’s radar and monocular camera will detect other vehicle speeds and adjust the ACC accordingly.


Honda SENSING is helpful to both new and experienced drivers. If you’re a new driver, this integrated safety systems helps you become more aware of what’s around you on the road and will help you to develop and maintain safe driving practices. If you’re an experienced driver, this system helps you make driving easier. You can feel confident that your blind spots are covered, and that Honda is actively protecting the safety of you and others around you. Honda SENSING is especially beneficial for city driving, where pedestrian, motorist and cyclist traffic and considerably higher. And the best part of Honda SENSING is that it’s available in all Honda models. You can be sure that your Honda vehicle has been built and designed with safety in mind.

With Honda SENSING, your next vehicle and brand choice are clear. Honda is made for you. So, why not test drive a new Honda today? At Goderich Honda, we are committed to helping you find the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle, needs and budget. We invite you to come in and browse our inventory, equipped with Honda SENSING technology. Paired with our current promotions and incentives, taking home a Honda is easy.

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