How to Get the Most Out of Your Honda Vehicle Warranties

How to Get the Most Out of Your Honda Vehicle Warranties - Goderich Honda

Modern Honda vehicles are precision engineered for reliability and built to deliver years of trouble-free driving. But as with any complex piece of machinery, there's always a chance that something could go wrong and require a costly repair.

No matter how high Honda's reputation for reliability may be, the warranty they provide is an essential way to protect your investment in one of their vehicles. Here's what the two kinds of Honda warranty cover.

The Honda Standard Warranty

As the name suggests, standard warranties are supplied with new Honda. They provide coverage for a fixed number of years after your vehicle purchase, or for a maximum number of kilometers driven, whichever comes first.

Most aspects of your Honda are covered by warranty for three years or 60,000km, while the powertrain is covered for five years or 100,000km. And if your Honda is a hybrid model, then the hybrid system itself is covered for eight years or 160,000km.

The Honda Standard Warranty  - Goderich Honda

But what exactly is covered under these main parts of the standard warranty? Here's a brief summary.

Powertrain:- All parts of the powertrain are covered for normal use, and if any work is required because of a defect, the new parts and workmanship will also be covered.

Emissions System:- The warranty guarantees that your Honda will meet all the official Canadian emission control standards, whether set by Federal or Provincial government. If your Honda falls below the set standards, then Honda or Honda-approved parts will be used to correct the problem at no cost to you.

Hybrid System:- If you're driving a hybrid Honda model, then all parts of the hybrid system will be covered under normal use, including the battery, electric motor, and the various electrical systems that connect the two.

Rust and Corrosion:- Your Honda warranty protects against rust or corrosion to the outer body of the vehicle, so long as the corrosion wasn't caused by damage.

Battery:- The battery in your Honda is guaranteed to be free of defects when it was fitted, and if any faults are found during the warranty it will be replaced free of charge with no distance limits.

Audio and Navigation:- Lastly, the infotainment systems including audio and navigation are covered so long as they are the originals fitted in the factory, and not upgrades added by the dealership.

Honda Vehicle Warranties - Goderich Honda

Roadside Assistance 

Honda cars are also sold with standard roadside coverage under the Honda Plus Roadside Assistance package. This plan provides a free 24/7 emergency helpline for breakdown assistance anywhere in Canada or the United States, with an unlimited distance allowance, free towing and winching, emergency transportation, and coverage for any driver using the registered vehicle.

Extra Coverage Under the Extended Warranty 

The Honda extended warranty covers most of the same ground as the standard warranty, but lengthens the period of coverage and raises the kilometer limits. With the extended warranty, there's no difference in the coverage limits for different parts of your Honda, with all items under the warranty protected for eight years or 200,000km.

Specifically, the extended warranty provides coverage in the following areas: 

- Powertrain and fuel system.

- Electrical items including climate control, security system, and the underlying electrical components.

- Brakes, steering, and suspension. 

The extended warranty is also available with the Honda Plus Roadside Assistance package for even greater peace of mind, providing coverage for the full term of the extended warranty with no distance limits.

How to Check What's Covered by Your Honda Warranty 

Full and up-to-date details of what your Honda standard warranty covers can be found on the official Honda website, while you can download information on extended warranties here. It's important to check the coverage for your Honda model and purchase year, as the details can change slightly from year to year.

Warranty Obligations: Keeping Your Coverage Intact 

But no matter which kind of warranty you have, there are several things you need to do to keep the coverage valid. In general terms, doing any of the following things could see your warranty canceled, leaving you without coverage:

- Not keeping to the recommended servicing schedule. 

- Not using an authorized Honda service center for servicing or repairs.

- Using aftermarket or recycled parts for repairs or modifications. 

- Making your own repairs or modifications.

Because of this, it's important to always have your car's service records correctly filled out and stamped by the service center, so you can prove you've followed the warranty's servicing obligations.

Honda Vehicle Warranties - Goderich Honda

Is it Worth Buying an Extended Warranty? 

The standard warranty supplied with new Honda vehicles provides valuable protection for the first few years of the car's life, but as the vehicle ages repairs will naturally be more likely from time to time. If you plan to drive your Honda for up to eight years, then buying an extended warranty could save you a significant amount of money, as well as giving you extra long-term peace of mind.

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