The 2022 Honda Civic Sedan: Which Model is Right for You?

2022 Honda Civic Sedan: Which Model is Right for You?

The Honda Civic has been poised at the top of the Canadian sales lists for over two decades, with an estimated one out of every eight vehicles that leave the nation's showrooms bearing the Civic badge.

But while the Civic remains hugely popular, Honda isn't a company that's happy to stand still, and has upgraded the vehicle for the new model year to deliver an even better experience. The 2022 Honda Civic Sedan is now available in four trims, from the entry-level LX to the high-end Touring, and here are the highlights you can expect to enjoy with a test drive from Goderich Honda.

Classic Sedan Style

2022 Honda Civic Sedan: Which Model is Right for You?

The all-new Civic takes the classic sedan profile and updates it with splashes of coupe flair, from the slim, swept-back LED headlights to the powerfully high rear end. What's more, Honda has designed every element of the exterior to optimize air flow, for a smoother, quieter drive with lower fuel consumption.

Choice of Powertrains

The three lower trim levels of the 2022 Honda Civic Sedan are the LX, EX, and Sport, and are based around a powerful 2.0L four-cylinder engine making a healthy 158 horsepower and 138lb-ft of torque. The powertrain is completed by a continuously variable transmission (CVT) feeding front-wheel drive to offer a smooth and confident feel, assisted by selectable driving modes with a setting to balance performance and efficiency. And while the output is satisfyingly responsive, it doesn't come at the cost of high fuel consumption, with a highway rating of just 5.6L / 100km.

But if you're looking for a little extra under the hood, upgrading to the top-level Touring trim brings a 1.5L turbo engine into the mix, pushing the horsepower up to 180 hp and boosting the torque to 177lb-ft. The Touring trim also adds paddle shifters on the steering wheel, along with an extra sports driving mode which puts the emphasis on performance over economy to create a thrilling drive.

Interior Comforts

2022 Honda Civic Sedan: Which Model is Right for You?

The LX, EX, and Sport trims all offer a highly comfortable interior experience with heated front seats and six-way manual adjustment for the driver's seat. All trims except the entry level boast a heated leather-wrapped steering wheel, alongside dual-zone automatic climate control with an air filtration function. But the Touring trim raises the interior comfort to new heights, adding heated rear seats, power adjustment in the front row, and leather-trimmed upholstery for a genuinely upscale feel.

Infotainment and Technology

2022 Honda Civic Sedan: Which Model is Right for You?

Even at the lower trim levels, the 2022 Civic Sedan offers a generous amount of infotainment technology. A 7" touchscreen is standard, with the Touring model upgrading to a 9" unit with built-in navigation. Smartphone integration is provided by Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, with wireless connections available in the Touring trim, which also features wi-fi tethering for easy device connection.

Essential driving information is relayed by a 7" colour TFT dash-mounted screen in the first three models, with the Touring trim increasing the size to 10.2" for a crisper and clearer display. And lastly, audio is provided by an eight-speaker system as standard, upgradeable to a high-end Bose system with 12 speakers including a sub-woofer.

Active Safety and Driver Assist Features

2022 Honda Civic Sedan: Which Model is Right for You?

In recent years the Honda Civic has developed an enviable reputation for its collection of active safety systems, and the 2022 model year maintains the same impressive standards. Standard highlights include:

- Adaptive cruise control to make highway driving smooth and stress-free.
- Blind spot monitoring with rear cross traffic alerts.
- Lane keeping assist.
- Forward collision warnings with automated emergency braking.

However, there are two new enhancements to the collection for the 2022 Civic Sedan, making it an even safer and more reliable drive. First, the front camera system has been upgraded with a wider viewing angle and higher resolution, providing more accurate detection of obstacles, road markings, and traffic signs.

Second, the new Low Speed Follow system adds a semi-autonomous driving capability for congested, stop-start conditions, automatically maintaining a safe distance from the car in front without any driver intervention required.

Which Civic Sedan Model is Right for You?

Out of the four trims, there are two main contenders that are particularly impressive for their own reasons. At the entry level, the LX provides an excellent list of features at an affordable price for an attractive all-round package. The middle two models add several desirable new options, but for the very best experience, the high-end Touring trim blends genuine performance with upscale comfort, making it the standout sedan in the Civic range.

Test Drive the All-New 2022 Honda Civic Sedan

Whether you're looking for the economy and comfort of the LX trim or the upscale power of the Touring model, you can't afford to miss out on the 2022 Civic Sedan. Contact us now to book a test drive of any Civic model, and see for yourself why it remains such a constant favourite with Canadian drivers from year to year.

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