What Is Honda Maintenance Minder, and How Does It Work?

Honda Maintenance Minder

Honda has created the Honda Maintenance Minder to let you know when vehicle maintenance is due. It saves you time and money while offering you a more precise interpretation of when your vehicle needs servicing. 

Here’s a look at what the Honda Maintenance Minder does and how it works. 

How Does the Honda Maintenance Minder Work? 

The Honda Maintenance Minder is an algorithm-based, on-board computer that alerts car owners when specific maintenance is needed so that you can address issues without hassle. At its most basic level, the Honda Maintenance Minder system monitors engine oil life and allows you to assess oil quality with one touch of a button. 

The engine oil life will show in the information display as a percentage, letting you know when it’s time to replace the oil and perform vehicle maintenance. 

What Else Does It Track? 

The on-board computer system continuously monitors engine operating conditions such as engine temperature, ambient temperature, vehicle use, speed, and time. The system will count down the vehicle’s oil life based on these conditions to determine when an oil change is necessary. 

How Does It Signal an Oil Change?

Once the information display number reduces from 100% to 15%, a wrench-shaped light will appear on your dashboard along with maintenance codes to indicate when your Honda needs servicing. As the display number diminishes to 0%, you will begin accumulating negative miles, telling you your vehicle is overdue for servicing. Once negative miles begin to accumulate you’re putting your Honda at risk of being damaged. 

How Can You Check Oil Progress? 

You can press the Select/Reset knob on your information display, which will allow you to view your oil progression. After that, you should turn off the engine oil display and return to the odometer, then press the Select/Reset knob. Each time you start your engine, a default engine oil percentage will be displayed on the screen. 

The Honda Maintenance Minder provides consistent and continuous information about the remaining oil life in your vehicle. Once the computer determines that your car has 15% oil life remaining, it will turn on the Maintenance Minder Light and codes for you. 

What Are Honda Maintenance Minder Codes? 

The Maintenance Minder comes with a service light that will appear with main service codes and sub-codes, indicating recommended maintenance that can affect your Honda’s performance. The main codes are specific to users and triggered based on your Honda’s operating condition, while the sub-codes are based on past maintenance schedules.

Main Codes 

There are two main codes you need to take note of. When main code A is displayed, you have to replace the engine oil. 

However, when main code B is displayed, you must do a full servicing. In addition to the oil change, you’ll need to replace the oil filter, inspect front and rear brakes, as well as check the parking brake adjustment. You may also need to examine other items specific to your Honda. 


Six sub-codes come with the Honda Maintenance Minder. Sub-code 1 indicates that your tires need to be rotated. Sub-code 2 tells you to replace the Air Cleaner Element, check the drive belt, and replace the dust/pollen filter. 

Sub-code 3 indicates you need to replace the transmission fluid. Sub-code 4 suggests that you should replace the spark plugs and timing belt and inspect the water pump and valve clearance. 

Sub-code 5 is a sign that you need to replace the water coolant, while sub-code 6 will tell you to replace the differential fluid. 

How Many Miles Can You Go Without an Oil Change? 

The Maintenance Minder varies by the driver. Everyone’s driving habits are different. It adjusts maintenance intervals based on engine operation, driving habits, and climate. 

You could change it every 4,000–5,000 kilometres. However, this is a conservative approach as upgraded oil technology and engine design have allowed for increased Honda maintenance intervals. 

How Do You Reset the Maintenance Minder?

Once your maintenance issues are addressed, you must reset the Honda Maintenance Minder. To do so, turn the ignition switch on, press the Select/Reset knob until the engine oil life indicator is displayed, then press the knob again for more than 10 seconds. The indicator and the maintenance item code will then blink. After that, press the knob once more for five seconds. The code will disappear, and the engine oil life indicator will reset to 100%.

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