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Honda Maintenance Minder

Honda has created the Honda Maintenance Minder to let you know when vehicle maintenance is due...Read More

Oil Life Sensor Honda - Goderich Honda

If you visit any mechanic to have your oil changed, he or she will always turn off the engine oil sensor in vehicle...Read More

The 2019 Honda CR-V: Your Questions Answered

If you’re considering purchasing the 2019 Honda CR-V, you’re sure to be curious about a lot of things, including its features, dimensions and costs, among other elements...Read More

Top Honda Civic Questions Answered - Goderich Honda

Reasons Why You Should Buy a Honda Civic Honda Civics are among the most popular cars in Canada today, but how do you know if a Honda Civic is the right car for you? Why are they so popular and what kind of features do they have? Buying a car is a big decision and...Read More

When Honda Arrived In Canada - Goderich Honda

A Brief History of Honda in Canada It seems that every time you drive down the street, park in a parking lot, or simply look around, you will notice a number of Hondas everywhere...Read More

How is Honda Championing a Carbon-Free Society Orangeville Honda

Endorsing a greener, healthier environment since 1964, Honda has been fully engaged in trying to reduce their impact on the earth so that generations of future Canadians can continue to enjoy it...Read More

Honda SUV Buying Guide CR-V vs Pilot vs Passport

With the summertime approaching, SUVs are becoming a more attractive option...Read More

Top 5 Goderich events for Summer 2019

Billed as the prettiest town in Canada by Queen Elizabeth II, Goderich boasts several aesthetic pleasures for the local people and visitors to enjoy, from parks to award-winning gardens...Read More