Getting Your Honda Ready for a Canadian Winter

Tips on Getting Your Honda Ready for a Canadian Winter

Few winters are as unpredictable as a Canadian winter; the cold temperatures, snow, even hail and ice storms. Your vehicle has to be ready for the various elements that accompany winter in the North so you can be safe on the roads and keep your car looking good through the ugly conditions.

Getting your Honda ready for winter in Canada includes several factors that need to be managed so your car performs optimally.

What is Winterizing Your Car? 

This means you are preparing your Honda for the Canadian winter by getting seasonal parts as well as cleaning and servicing your vehicle so that it performs well amidst the difficult weather.
The earlier you make your vehicle winter-proof, the better you can avoid long wait times at your nearest service outlet. While there is no set time to do so, the best time to winterize your Honda (particularly your tires) is when the temperature falls below seven degrees Celsius. 

How to Winterize Your Tires

The main point of order when winterizing your Honda is to use winter tires to get improved traction on those slick, slushy roads. Purpose-built tires provide your vehicle with more than twice the traction than all-season tires do. Winter tires help your car brake more efficiently in heavy snow and icy conditions as they constantly clear themselves of snow/ice, giving you a better grip on the road. As the weather gets cooler, we suggest looking into switching your tires to maximize your driving safety. Check out our deals on Winter Tires.

All you need to do is head to your nearest Honda service center and get the best-fitting winter tires for your car. Store your tires in a consistently cool area to preserve their effectiveness.

Tips on Getting Your Honda Ready for a Canadian Winter

Give the Inside of Your Honda a Deep Clean

While the weather is still respectable, give the interior a thorough clean by vacuuming the carpets as well as giving your dashboard and accessories a clean sweep.

Replace your floor mats with weather-resistant mats. These weather-resistant mats trap water, road salt and mud while being built to prevent cracking in freezing temperatures.
Furthermore, you should clean your trunk so that you’ll have as much room as possible in your Honda for winter-travelling essentials.

Check Your Oils and Fluids

Cold weather can be very taxing on your engine. How many times do you try to start it during cold weather and nothing’s working?

It’s advised that you book an oil change ahead of the wintertime. Check your owner’s manual in advance of oil servicing so you can see what oil type your Honda manufacturer recommends for low-temperature driving.

Also, inspect your coolant system and try to spot any leaks or cracked hoses which may be preventing it from performing up to par. Meanwhile, if the fluid found in your radiator doesn’t contain a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water, it’s time to replace fluid immediately.

Get Your Battery Serviced

It’s wise to get your battery serviced considering that winter weather can weaken it and cause it to malfunction due to how much pressure is put on it throughout the season.

The average life of a car battery in Canada is five years, so, it’s wise to check on your battery a year or two in advance just to be sure. In case it does go bad on you make sure you have some jumper cables in reserve to attempt to get it started. Whether you’re going to work or taking the family on a winter road trip, you should make battery servicing a priority so that you aren’t stuck on the road in the middle of freezing weather.

Tips on Getting Your Honda Ready for a Canadian Winter

Clean your Windshield Wipers

Streaky windshield wipers should be replaced as any accumulation of snow or ice could worsen visibility. Get yourself some winter wiper blades. They have an aerodynamic shape designed to keep them in contact with your windshield amidst tough winter conditions, keeping it clear. They are also covered by thick rubber so that no parts are exposed and be subject to clogging.
Another important thing is to fill up on windshield washer fluid so you can clean it regularly.

Give Your Honda a Tune-Up

Get the easy fixes done at your Honda service station before winter arrives. Get your brakes, spark plugs and tires checked as well as any belts and hoses. You want your mechanic to spot any strange sounds or faulty connections before the temperatures drop.

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